Instagram will Start Implementing Video Calling Feature Very Soon

The video calling feature is already available for Facebook-owned Messenger and WhatsApp. This scenario leads Instagram developers to initiate the aforementioned feature to this famous Internet-based photo-sharing application. Evident reports point out that very soon Instagram will bring the video calling feature which is currently under testing.

Instagram fans would get their hands on the video calling feature by the end of this quarter, reports Gizbot. However, there’s no official announcement regarding the implementation of video calling to the app. From the reports via WABetaInfo, the video calling feature will be introduced in the section of direct messages found right next to the info button of any chat.

When users open the direct message section, they will get the allowance to make video calls. But this can only be initiated only if the person on the other end is active. Folks at the WhatsApp fan site have already detected the feature and as per certain claims, the company hasn’t yet implemented any other user interface elements aside from those usual video call icon at the navigation bar’s top.

Instagram’s Video Calling Feature is Set to be a Reality Shortly

The only criteria to make the video call is that the person on the other end has to accept the request of your direct message, if not then the video call icon won’t appear. The reason why this will happen is for privacy, for users can make video calls only to folks who have accepted their request. In addition to this, one can also make video calls to the followers.

According to the blog post, Instagram’s video calling feature is currently in the development phase. And it will be official for both iOS as well as Android platforms soon. One can expect this feature to be included in upcoming Instagram Beta updates. Already, Instagram now lets its users go live with anyone who wants the same. Despite this, the Instagram Live feature’s downside is that it’ll be visible to all followers and will not be private.

Instagram has added two new features prior to this particular video calling one. Earlier we have seen how the app initiated with the ability to include GIF Stickers in the Stories section. Also, screenshot notifications were seen in the beta version.

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