Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Set to be Company’s Most Expensive Devices Ever

There is more news about the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as its bigger sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It now seems that the company has decided to tweak the price up to the higher side and make it, most probably, the most expensive Samsung devices to date. Until now, we did not have too much of an idea of how much the device duo would cost. We now know how the devices will look like this year.

According to the South Korean company ETNews, the company intends to make these devices rather pricey, though certainly not as costly as the Apple devices. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo will be certainly the most expensive Galaxy S smartphones. So, while the price of the Galaxy S9 model may start at a sum of KRW 9,50,000 (which is approximately Rs. 56,600) in the home country of South Korea, it is costlier than the Galaxy S8 which was launched at KRW 9,35,000 (or approximately Rs. 55,700) in Samsung’s native country.

Obviously, these are the price points in the native country of South Korea. We already know that the two devices will be making a landfall on February 25, as we have reported earlier. The new price point is essentially a departure from what the Samsung Chinese President, Quan Guixian, had stated previously. The president had stated that the company would only ensure that the price points of the devices would be among the lowest in the world, at a time when the companies from around the world have been increasing their prices.

This leads us to a fundamental contradiction. How will the report reconcile with the fact that the president had said that the costs would be reduced? No one knows that for sure as of now. We have previously reported that the least expensive Samsung Galaxy S9 model might be launched in China. We believe that the devices will be more expensive than last year’s flagship models.

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