Xiaomi to Attend MWC 2018: Is The Xiaomi Mi 7 Launch Imminent?

The Chinese tech major Xiaomi has finally confirmed that it will attend the Mobile World Congress or the MWC 2018. Universally hailed as one of the world’s biggest tech conventions, the company may eventually end up unveiling the Xiaomi Mi 7, the successor of the Mi 6 and the company’s flagship device of the year. We have previously reported that the Xiaomi Mi 7 could launch in March 2018. The MWC 2018 will be on in Barcelona from February 26 to March 1.

Previously, we have reported frequently on the Xiaomi Mi 7. Among other modern and flagship features, the device is expected to bear a wireless charging technology. Now, you may ask us how we know that the device could make landfall. Take a look at the screenshot from Xiaomi‘s site. We also know that company’s CEO, Lei Jun, had earlier stated that the Xiaomi Mi 7 would almost certainly be unveiled during the Chinese spring season which corresponds with the end of February or perhaps early March. Since the MWC is also on during that period, which better place does the company have?

Xiaomi Mi 7 launch
A screenshot from Xiaomi’s site

This being a flagship phone, it will have top class features. So, at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, Lei Jun had also declared said that the Mi 7 would have Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 845. Should the Mi 7 be announced next month, Xiaomi will be the first Chinese OEM that will launch a Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone. This is no mean feat.

Also, expect the company to focus on Artificial Intelligence this year in a rather strong way: it is likely to have AI-powered dual rear cameras, as we have reported earlier. Also among the slightly known features are the facts that we ca expect 6GB or perhaps even more RAM. The Xiaomi Mi 7 will likely feature a full-screen design alongside a large 6-inch OLED display set to be manufactured by Samsung.

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