Alexa and Google Assistant Smarter Than Siri on HomePod , New Test Shows

After the launch of Apple’s smart speaker dubbed as HomePod, it is being put through a series of tests to check its smartness and also to compare the results with other smart speakers available right now. A detailed comparison report of the HomePod with other speakers has been published by a tech research organization, Loup Ventures this week.

Apple HomePod

According to the report, the tech firm has stated that it has put the HomePod through a series of 782 questions, along with tests of sound quality and ease of access. As per the report, the HomePod was able to answer only 52.3 percent of the questions correctly inspire of understanding as high as 99.4 percent of the questions put forward in front of it.

The latest smart speaker from Google, dubbed Google Home was able to answer 81 percent of the questions correctly in comparison to HomePod, while Alexa had a success rate of 64 percent and Microsoft Cortana at 57 percent.

There is one thing to note, that some of the questions put forward by Loup Ventures were not supported by Apple’s HomePod, like queries on calling, navigation and email. When these queries were removed by the tech firm, HomePod was able to correctly answer 67 percent of the questions.

In spite of being behind Google Home in the test, Apple has managed to stay ahead of its counterpart in the popularity index and it has been estimated that Apple may sell around 7 million units of HomePod by the end of this year. The research firm has also said that it expects Apple to capture 12 percent of the smart speaker market by the end of 2019 with sales expected to rise up to 10.9 million units in 2019.

This massive popularity is due to the fact that Apple is marketing this new speaker as a great sounding unit which has Siri integrated on it to make it work as a smart speaker. Considering the test results, it won’t be long before the HomeBod becomes the best rated Smart Speaker in the market and overtakes Google Home.

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