Blackberry Likely to Launch Bezel-Less Model Ghost in India

Think Blackberry and one of the first things that come to mind are that they make QWERTY phones. Well, not any longer, apparently. The company is intent on introducing the Ghost which will be a bezel-less phone and which will run on the Android platform. The news could just save the company whose shares, ratings, and popularity has all been plummeting.

The news comes to us via noted Twitter tipster Evan Blass and you can see it for yourself here. This goes on to show that the once-famous company is not openly averse to learning from its past mistakes and will decide on its future based on the success or the failure of this new phone. The report goes on to mention that Optiemus, which is an Indian telecom giant and also holds the BlackBerry license, may well be involved in the manufacturing of the device. This is a Delhi-based telecom company which had reportedly bagged the BlackBerry rights late last year.

Blackberry Ghost
The alleged Blackberry Ghost

Incidentally, most of Blackberry’s devices in the past few years have been manufactured by TCL. This includes the KEYone, a Bronze version of which launched weeks ago. Whether or not this device will be exclusive to the country is still not known at the moment. We also have a picture of the alleged device but no clarity on the other details. When the phone will be made public is also something that is not known at the moment. However, there are indications that the device will look very similar to the OnePlus 5T as the interface clearly shows.

Given that the display is not switched on, it is impossible to see if the phone is actually bezel-less as the tweet implies. However, it will run on Android and it is set to be a pretty high-end phone. Stay tuned for more update right here.

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