Overwatch is Now 50 Percent Cheaper on PS4 and Xbox One, PC Version Cheaper by 40 Percent

If there is one thing all gamers like, it is a fall in price. So, the steep decline in the price of the famous Overwatch series of games will definitely be music to some people’s ears. This is definitely one of the most popular hero shooter games and this time it is cheaper. News outlets suggest that the distributor in India, E-xpress Interactive, has slashed the Overwatch: Origins Edition India’s price by half as far as the PS4 and Xbox One is concerned. It is also40 percent cheaper on the PC.

This is not an indefinite offer, however. A report by Gadgets 360 shows that the discount on Overwatch: Origins Edition will only last until March 6. After that, the prices will be back to where they were earlier. Besides online retailers like Amazon India and Flipkart, the game is also available on The Game Shop, an online games outlet which is owned by E-express. Check out the game here.

You can also check the original report by the news outlet here.

Overwatch now cheaper

Overwatch: Origins Edition discount prices for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The Overwatch: Origins Edition for the PS4  will now come for Rs. 1,999 instead of the standard Rs. 3,999.

The Overwatch: Origins Edition Xbox One variant will come for Rs. 1,999 instead of the more expensive Rs. 3,999 that is normally charged.

Finally, the Overwatch: Origins Edition for your PC will now come for Rs. 1,999 instead of the standard Rs. 3,299.

Selected Overwatch: Origins Edition Content

When you buy the game for any console, you will get some of these following original content. Some of the best such content are:

  • Blackwatch Reyes Reaper skin
  • Strike-Commander Morrison Soldier: 76 skin
  • Overgrown Bastion skin
  • Security Chief Pharah skin

When the game first debuted in 2016, it proved to be an instant classic. Blizzard Entertainment, which is behind the game, has since scaled greater heights.

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