LG V30 Upgraded Version to Roll out with AI Camera Feature, Voice Assistant, More

The latest report states that LG is all ready to unveil a new LG V30 version. Last year, the South Korean giant was the first to unveil its flagship device and this time, the company has decided to roll out just an upgraded version of the LG V30 at MWC 2018.

Prior this month, the MD of LG Electronics South Africa, CY Kim, has already confirmed the news while in a press meet. While at that time Kim neither revealed the device’s name nor the specifications! As the MWC is knocking at the door, the company has given some idea of what to expect this LG V30 upgraded version.

LG announced that the 2018 version of LG V30 will come with an AI-enabled camera. The company also has developed something called the “Vision AI” which is capable of making the smartphone’s camera even better and smarter, and it is easier to use too. It can event analyze the object automatically, which is being captured and can even recommend the best capturing modes. The camera comes with eight modes such as the portrait, landscape, food, pet, flower, city, sunrise, and sunset.

LG V30 Upgraded Edition will Arrive with LG’s Vision AI that will have a Great Impact on the Phone’s Camera

In addition, the camera can also analyze the angle and color of the object, reflection in surroundings, and lighting as well as saturation levels into account in order to capture the best image possible. The blog post states, “For example, pointing the camera at a plate of pasta will result in food mode being invoked, resulting in warmer colors and heightened sharpening for the most appetizing shot possible.”

Vision AI offers shopping advice via smart image recognition. Simply by pointing the camera at any object, the company’s Vision AI will automatically scan QR codes, and initiate an image search or offer shopping options including purchasing location for the lowest price as well as other similar product that intrigues users. As of now, we need to keep an eye on the Internet to know more about LG‘s Vision AI!

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