Apple MacBook to Feature Water and Dust Resistant Keyboard, Patent Suggests

Laptop users like us will definitely understand how taxing it is to use a laptop and especially Macbook which often gets dirty as they are open to the elements. The latest patent from Apple indicates that this might be the ending of the dirty old MacBook Pro keyboard, as mentioned here.

The patent (which has reported via Gizbot) indicate that Apple is gearing up for a new keyboard for MacBook which will be able to resist liquid, dust, as well as crumbs in order to offer a long-lasting usability experience to the users.

The information has emerged after the patent which has been filed by iPhone makers on March 8, 2018. Talking about the patent, it has been titled as “Ingress Prevention for Keyboards”. The patent points out a new kind of key mechanism which will prevent and alleviate containment ingress, the report suggests. The description of the patent gives an account of how the technology will be working.

Apple MacBook Pro
The Apple MacBook will come with Water and Dust Resistant Feature, Patent Indicates

The keyboard which is in making would be using ‘membranes or gaskets’ in order to prevent the foreign objects such as dust and water particles from getting under the keys which in the end will only jam the electronic components in the MacBook keyboard. “Liquid ingress around the keys into the keyboard can damage electronics. Residues from such liquids, such as sugar, may corrode or block electrical contacts, prevent key movement by bonding moving parts, and so on,” the new patent reads.

The patent application filed by Apple consists of a team of inventors. Talking about the patent, it shows various types of barriers might be used in order to keep water as well as dust fragments from coming underneath the keys. Apple is set to explore possibilities by including multiple flanges in order to keep the debris out. The first flanges come with the first protrusion which also interacts with the second protrusion of the second flanges. Both the first as well as the second protrusion may travel with respect to each other in order to block containment ingress during part of the keycap. For more info, stay tuned to us.

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