Apple watchOS’s 4.3 Sixth Beta Version Arrived for Developers

Apple launched the watchOS on the 24th of April in the year 2015, with Apple Watch. Based on the Apple’s flagship OS, the iOS operating system, Apple’s watchOS comes with similar features alike to the Apple iOS. This happens to be the mobile operating system from the house of Apple designed for Apple Watch. Developed by Apple, it happens to come with similar features as we have seen on the iOS operating system. Apple Watch runs the watchOS and its API is better known as WatchKit.

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Apple watchOS 4.3 is Available for Developers

Talking about the second version of watchOS 2, it included the support for the native third-party apps as well as other major improvements. Released on September 21, 2015, it was followed by the third version known as watchOS 3. The watchOS 3 was launched on the September 13 in the year 2016. It emphasized on better that included new watch faces as well as stock apps. Talking about the fourth version, the watchOS 4 got released on September 19 in the year 2017. Fresh reports that emerged in the rumor mill now suggest that Apple has already started releasing the sixth version of watchOS 4.3 for the developers in order to review.

The sixth beta version of watchOS reportedly has arrived just a couple of days after watchOS’s fifth beta version which rolled out as a minor update thus focused massively on the bug fixes. Furthermore, the watchOS 4.3 will be launched officially with a set of suitable features such as the portrait Nightstand mode, the ability to browse the music via a connected catalog of iPhone, new battery charging animation, so on and so forth.

When users want to install the properly configured file from Apple Developer Center, the new beta version also can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on iPhones just by choosing the steps here: Select General >> Software update.

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