Jio’s 10GB Additional Data is Offered to Selected Users: How to Avail?

With the everlasting ongoing data war, the telecom giants are increasingly clashing with each other to win against each other. Every new day comes with a new plan in order to beat other tech giants. Reliance Jio this time, however, has chosen another way around. The latest report rolled out echoes the fact that reliance Jio has given away an additional 10GB extra data. This time it is not as a recharge plan, but it has been given away to the customers as a token of appreciation, but only to selected members.

Who Can Use Jio’s 10GB Additional Data?

Jio’s source has recently reported that the company is offering the token of appreciation to avid JioTV customers. The source also added that it is exclusively for the selected JioTV users and there’s a possibility that it might not get rolled out to all Jio users. Reports also enquired about the rollout, to which source has replied that the process entirely is ‘automated’ and that users have been chosen just randomly, reports suggest. Some users reported that they are getting the 10GB data when calling on 1299. Nevertheless, Jio has denied such technique in order to redeem the voucher. This additional 10GB data will be offered as vouchers to the users of JioTV. In order to redeem the voucher, one has to visit the My Plans section and then has to tap on the Vouchers option. Jio offers 1 voucher of 10GB that can be redeemed by users ahead of March 27, 2018.

Jio Offers 10GB Data to JioTV Customers

How to Use Jio’s 10GB Additional Data?

As far as Jio’s explanation is concerned, this voucher would come to your rescue when users run out of the daily data limit. Being like a sachet pack from Jio, it offers a very small amount of data for one day or two. Instantly, if you have subscribed to Rs. 198 Jio plan which offers up to 2GB high-speed data a day and after 9 pm you have exhausted this 2GB data limit, Jio will offer the unlimited data to the Internet which will continue working but at a 64Kbps reduced speed. This is where enters the JioTV 10GB voucher! Once it’s redeemed, users would be able to continue with 4G for the day that will be deducted from the 10GB voucher.

The Jio TV app is basically a live TV streaming app that offers over 550 live channels. It has received the award, upon which the President of Jio, Mathew Oommen, reportedly said, “We are excited to have received this distinguished global recognition in the joint effort with Cisco, this is truly a win for India. We are committed to continuous innovation and ongoing leadership in the digital revolution in India.”

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