BitBounce, The Email Spam Solution That Pays Crypto, To Launch CredoEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

It seems no matter how many times I unsubscribe to spam and promotional emails, they always find their way back to me. Fortunately, gone are the days of hitting the delete button and it’s all thanks to BitBounce.

BitBounce is a free and fast-growing, blockchain-based spam solution or in short: email that pays. It allows users to charge unknown people a fee to deliver an email to their inbox. Think of it as your personal email toll booth. The result is a much cleaner inbox and finally peace of mind from that daunting number of unread emails.

So, how exactly does it work? First, BitBounce is powered by the Credo token, meaning all payments made to the user will be in Credo. To get started, users sign up with Bitbounce via email or they can link a Coinbase account. Then, they can set their fees as well as a whitelist of the emails that can pass for free. For those not on the whitelist, they will receive an auto-email request that asks them to pay a small Cryptocurrency fee in order to deliver the email. It’s as simple as that.

Video interview between Tim Draper and Stewart Dennis discussing BitBounce

Since their ICO, BitBounce has gained over 300,000 users that continue to grow by the thousands each day. But until now, the one snag has been a way for users to easily exchange Credo. That is why BitBounce is launching CredoEx, a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow BitBounce users to efficiently buy, sell, and trade with others directly on the platform and immediately convert their paid tokens into other currencies. The company also explains that CredoEx will improve upon some of the issues many cryptocurrency holders experience on other exchanges such as higher site reliability and a more user-friendly experience.

In addition to growing their consumer base, BitBounce also sees Credo and CredoEx as a way for enterprises or sales and recruiting professionals to directly reach out to their current and potential customers via incentivized responses. So, rather than paying for lists or spamming people, enterprises will only pay when someone responds to their email. While this will not be available immediately, BitBounce does plan to launch the enterprise version in the next quarter.

CredoEx launches on May 1st to all users.


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