What is Bug Tracking and Type of Trackers

Most of us usually have faced various problems like failed accessing of multiple applications, popping up of some error message time and again and much more while accessing various software applications. These are very annoying situations which no one of us wants to face, and for that, we have to use a perfect bug tracking tool on our devices.

For those who don’t know much about bug tracking or who need programming homework help ; it is a process of capturing, reporting and managing data on bugs which usually occur in different kinds of software applications. These bugs are termed as errors and exceptions. One of the main essential aims of using such applications is to enhance the quality of various software applications. Bug tracking includes two different kinds of services: task management systems and bug capturing tools.

No one in this world is perfect, and that well goes with the software tools as well. Bugs not only cause various errors but it may sometimes cause various security issues as well. It costs a lot as per in revenue and time to dig through these bugs. Better will the bug tracking tools; more easily will you get relief from the bugs and hence enhanced security.

Different types of Bug Trackers

With the development of projects, the customers get automatically converted into brand advocates and the cost centers into a perfect revenue stream.

These bug tracking tools are mainly of two types:

  1. Task Management Systems
  2. Bug Capturing Tools

The task management systems help the customers in evaluating and managing the bug fixing process and planning whereas the bug capturing tools helps in finding out the bugs and their root causes.

Task Management Systems: Task management systems are the perfect large-scale process which is being conducted for tracking the process of bug fixes which ultimately affect the performance of overall development of the project as well. It works for correctly handling different kinds of bugs and building up new features so that the customers could better enjoy the seamless working of the entire project.

It is collaborative teamwork which includes various log management tools and prioritization logic which helps in identifying the bugs, their order of fixing and the time it needed to be taken to accomplish the project.

The task management system includes various performance measures so as to enhance the productivity of the project. It consists of a high-level outline of development schedules so that the customers could enjoy more benefits. It needs to have a collaborative work of a team of experts for creating such tools.

Bug Capturing Tools: The function of reporting live errors in different software applications is usually done with the help of bug capturing tools. These are one of the essential tools which enable the users to enjoy error-free environment data.

These tools work efficiently and categorize the bugs into different categories which makes it easy and quick to fix them right away. If you are you looking for a free bug tracking tools for programming, then Backlog from NuLab can be a great tool.

The bug capturing tools are properly streamlined in order to enjoy quick results and reduced resource costs due to the isolated bugs. These tools are comprised of various libraries which help it in monitoring multiple applications and errors.

Once a mistake has been getting detected; these tools collect all the necessary details related to it such as its environment, operating system, parameters a browser version in order to get it rectified as soon as possible.

It is a hard task to fix a bug quickly as soon as it is detected so as to maintain customers trust and loyalty. In other words, you can also take the bug capturing tools as the simple interface of communication about bugs which keep the associated team on toes by sending various notification messages.


No one wants to have insecure or disturbed accessing of different software while accessing their computer systems, and bug trackers are the perfect way to deal with such issues. Bug tracking is the ideal process; through which we can easily identify the bugs, its causes, ways to handle and much more.

You need to have a perfect bug tracking tool in order to get a side away from such issues. We have discussed you the different kinds of bug tracking tools here in this content in detail so that you could enjoy learning about it more.

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