Snapchat Launches Spectacles V2 with Water Resistance at $150

Snapchat has introduced a new upgraded version of its Spectacles. It was reported earlier that a new version of the spectacles was in works and was expected to be launched by the third quarter of this year. The new version has been launched to fix a number of issues that users were facing with the original version of the product. The first Snapchat Spectacles were launched in 2016 and was later released on a mass scale online in February 2017. The new version of spectacles is priced at $150 and comes with two built-in cameras that allow users to record videos and share them directly to the social platform of Snapchat. These are also water resistant in nature meaning it can be used outdoors in rainy weather.

Snapchat Spectacles V2
Snapchat Spectacles V2

The Snapchat Spectacles V2 is very easy to handle with simple and user-friendly functions. One can record a 10-second video by pressing the camera icon once. Pressing it again will record a video for 30 seconds while a press and hold function will snap a photo. The photos or videos can then be moved to the phone’s gallery connected to the spectacles or can also be shared directly on Snapchat social platform. The Spectacles V2 come with two built-in cameras to perform the above-mentioned functions and work as smart sunglasses.

A charging and storage case is also provided along with the sunglasses. The company has claimed that the Spectacles  V2 can record up to 70 videos with a single charge cycle and it can be recharged 4 times with the battery backup in the case. The Spectacles are compatible with iOS 10, Android 4.4 and above versions and can also be retrofitted with prescription lens for people who use spectacles or lenses. However, it can only be done after purchase by a trained personnel.

While the first version of Snapchat Spectacles failed to garner much attention from the public due to its limited usability and availability, the Spectacles V2 can boost sales for the company as it comes with more advanced features and technical fixes. The new version is now available in the US, UK, Canada and France and buyers can also order online on

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