Snapchat Rolls Out Snappables Feature to Play Augmented Reality Games

Popular social networking app Snapchat has rolled out a new feature called Snappables that will enable users to play Augmented Reality (AG) games with their friends on the platform. This new feature can be controlled by different gestures like touch, motion, and facial expressions. By using this feature, multiple Snapchat users can play games among themselves on the platform.

Apart from games, Snapchat users can now also enjoy different AR experiences like starting a rock band, arrange a dance party, play basketball, etc. The company has confirmed that new Snappables will be released every week with new and exciting experiences and games.

“Snappables are a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in AR…anytime, anywhere. These experiences will live right in Snapchat’s Lens Carousel, but this time to the left side of the circular capture button. (World and face Lenses today are to the right.),” reads a post by Snapchat. The latest Snappables feature will be rolled out to Android and iOS devices by the end of this week, the company has confirmed.

To add this new feature to the app, Snapchat has moved the World and Face lenses to the right side of the camera icon. Users can access the Snappables features from the left side of the camera icon. After tapping on the Lenses, the users will have to follow the on-screen directions and they can also choose various Snappables lenses to start off with and can invite their friends too to play along.

To recall, Snapchat had rolled out some AR games in the past. The games were included in the Lenses as well and the new Snappables feature could actually bring a more polished version of the previous games. Snapchat Lenses and filters are very popular among its users and it is also the first company to roll out Augmented Reality based games on its platform. Its rivals like Facebook and Instagram still has not rolled out any AG based features on their platforms and it remains to be seen how they react to this latest feature of Snapchat.

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