Apple iOS 11.4 Third Beta Rolled Out for Developers

Apple has rolled out a third beta version of the iOS 11.4 for developers yesterday. The development comes within two weeks of the release of the third beta of iOS 11.4. Apple had released a stable version of iOS 11.3.1 last month to fix a major issue that some users of the iPhone 8 was having along with some bug fixes and security updates.

The latest beta version has been released only for Apple app developers so if you are a registered developer then you can proceed to download the update. The update is available on the Apple Developer Centre or can also be downloaded over the air (OTA) on your compatible device.

Talking about the features of the new update, the iOS 11.4 beta 3 comes with a new ClassKit framework for educational institutions. The ClassKit framework is used to share students progress with teachers securely and privately. This feature should only be used by educational institutions.

Apart from that, the new update also brings support for messages on iCloud. This new feature will store the messages on the iCloud instead of the device to make sure that more storage space is available on the device and will also provide better-syncing capabilities.

Until now, the received and sent messages are stored on the device even after a user has signed in to their Apple ID. It does not provide the facility of cross syncing and hence there is no backup of the messages on the iCloud.

Messages stored on the iCloud can be downloaded on any Apple device of the user’s choice after signing in with their respective Apple ID. Once a message is deleted on one device, it will get deleted on all the devices. Apart from that, older messages and attachments can also be stored on the iCloud to save valuable storage space on the device.

Lastly, the new update also brings support for AirPlay 2 feature that will enable the users to play the same music on multiple Apple devices.

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