Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May Not Feature in-Display Fingerprint Scanner: Report

All thanks to a couple of leaks in the past few weeks, we now know most of the specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device. It was also reported earlier that the device may become the first from Samsung to implement the in-Display fingerprint sensor.  But now, a renowned source has claimed that the upcoming flagship device is not likely to arrive with the in-display fingerprint scanner.


As per a tweet posted by Ice Universe, it is now “almost certain” that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not arrive with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Instead, it will sport a regular fingerprint scanner on the rear panel of the device like the one on its predecessor.

Ice Universe has a great track record when it comes to Samsung flagship devices. Previously it broke the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 and they all turned out to be true. So there is a high chance of the current speculation to be true as well.

The source, however, did not reveal the reason that caused Samsung to ditch the idea of the in-display fingerprint scanner. But, considering the fact that the South Korean tech giant had failed to implement this technology on the Galaxy Note 8 and then the Samsung Galaxy S9 due to performance issues, it can be guessed that the same thing has happened again.

Incidentally, Vivo has implemented the in-display fingerprint scanner technology on the recently released Vivo X20 Plus UD while Samsung has failed to do so over the past year. But considering the popularity of Samsung on a global scale and the high expectations of the people from its upcoming flagship device, it looks to be a good idea to delay the implementation of the technology until is thoroughly tested and perfected.

However, it is quite likely for the in-display fingerprint technology to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone instead. It would also be appropriate to launch this technology on the Galaxy S10 since it is the tenth-anniversary model.

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