Xbox One Latest Update Features Discord Integration, 120Hz Refresh Rate Support and More

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to its Xbox One gaming console to include some new features. The latest update of May 2018 brings Discord integration along with 120Hz refresh rate support. Users will now be able to link their Xbox Live ID with Discord accounts. The new update also brings the ability to trim clips from the Guide, improved family settings and small improvements to the Xbox accessories app.

However, the linking of Xbox Live IDs with Discord accounts is not so easy and straightforward. In order to help the users, Microsoft has posted the details of the procedure in its official blog. It states “Starting from the Discord app on PC or on a mobile device, you will see an option to link your Xbox account with your Discord account through the Connections tab under User Settings. Click on the Xbox Live option and sign in to your account. After enabling permission, your accounts will be linked. Starting from your Xbox One, open the Account Settings menu and select “Linked social accounts.” Here, you will see a new option for linking your Discord account. Once you receive your unique code from Xbox, open the Discord app and insert the code within the Connections tab.”

Apart from the Discord integration feature, the other features are very simple to integrate. The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S now support 120Hz refresh rate at 1080p and 1040p resolutions for TVs and monitors that run on 120Hz. Sharing clips on the go is now also easier, all thanks to the latest May update that brings the trim functionality in the Guide Overlay. Also, a new Details page on the family settings tab shows everything at one glance to the users.

And lastly, the Xbox accessories app has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use and also to “look and feel more consistent” with the rest of the Xbox One dashboard.

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