AWV Realty Introduces Custom VR Avatars for Your Adult Fantasties

AWV Realty is taking adult entertainment to a new level with the launch of the first customizable adult entertainment platform. With their advanced 3D modeler and designer, anyone can now make their fantasies come true — at least virtually.

AWVR’s software allows users to build their ideal avatar from overall shape to hair, facial features, breast/chest, genitalia and much more. Then, once the avatar is built, users have access to a slew of virtual clubs for the ultimate playground experience. From there, users can convert the avatar to “full flesh” and what happens next is entirely up to you. This includes creating another avatar of yourself for playing with your avatar directly.

The platform, along with associated toys, wearables and VR allows users to enjoy an adult entertainment experience unlike any other. AWVR aims to give anyone the freedom to express themselves on an everyday basis.

AWVR states that this is not just about personal desire, but also about the opportunity to allow sexual empowerment. Anyone can explore, educate and experience with complete anonymity.

“This platform will not only support respectful adult entertainment but will also give the user an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that they are never excluded from. Additionally, the platform will be set up for sexual education based on an algorithm, so that the content is directed at the correct audience. This platform is meant to make “Porn Personal” and sex less taboo,” stated AWVR production team.

AWV Reality is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring this fantasy to life. By backing the campaign, you will be the first to get updates and become an AWVR “friend with benefits” as well as receive pre-pricing promotions. For those looking to invest, this package includes discounted online memberships, including a lifetime membership option, wholesale prices on pleasure items and more, and you can also be the first to experience the new sexual platform.

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