Ubisoft and Nintendo: the collaboration continues

The beautiful E3 conference of Ubisoft that took place in Los Angeles in addition to presenting many new features of the French software house, including the new chapter of Assassin’s Creed, further confirmed the great collaboration that has been created between the transalpine publisher and Nintendo. Maybe we could focus on it, as it can be done with PA iLottery review, that many other joint initiatives will take place like the two that we are now going to introduce here below.

On the stage of a truly spectacular conference, an exhilarating live music show was held to accompany the presentation of Donkey Kong Adventure, the new downloadable content of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the videogame released last year exclusively on Nintendo Switch that saw for the first time the most famous Italian plumber in the world together with the very nice crazy Ubisoft bunnies.

In Donkey Kong Adventure players will find a new hero, Donkey Kong, in a new world with a reinvented tactical experience, as well as many new enemies and secrets to reveal. Players will fight in their favor thanks to a renewed arsenal of new skills useful to defeat some gigantic and unpredictable bosses, including two Shark-Rabbids who will do anything to achieve their evil objectives.

Then it was time for the presentation of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a new action and adventure game developed by the Ubisoft studios in Toronto and that will be available from October 16th 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This epic open world space saga that uses modular toy technology, allows to create and customize your own real spaceships. Each member and the pilot of the spacecraft appear immediately in the game, where it will be possible to then exploit different skills of pilot, in addition to various weapons and ships, to unleash devastating combos against the many enemies of the galaxy.

The Nintendo Switch version, however, will have a really exclusive and beloved special guest: we are talking about the ace and leader of the Star Fox team, Fox McCloud, and his famous spaceship Arwing. It will be possible to play the entire campaign in the role of Fox McCloud and embark on some exclusive missions in the videogame with other friends of the imaginative universe of Star Fox.

After the announcement of this exclusive element for the Switch version of the videogame, at Ubisoft conference nothing less than Shigeru Miyamoto arrived, the game designer of the main hits of Nintendo, including also Star Fox. Welcomed by a real standing ovation of the whole audience, Miyamoto, visibly pleased and excited, received as a gift from the president of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, the first prototype of the real reproduction (obviously miniaturized) of the Airwing spaceship for Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Talking about an alliance is perhaps too much, but undoubtedly this French-Japanese axis between Ubisoft and Nintendo has attracted much attention and the applause of many passionate videogamers. It is not excluded that at next E3 the two software houses will perhaps unveil another title made in collaboration after the huge success achieved by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom.

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