Yahoo Launches Mail Go App for Android Go Smartphones and Redesigns Yahoo Mail

Following the trend of Google which recently redesigned its email portal Gmail to match the new design of Google Drive, Yahoo has decided to give its email portal Yahoo Mail a new look. Apart from that, Yahoo is also launching a new app called Mail Go exclusively for Android Go edition based smartphones.

The new update to Yahoo Mail will provide the users a new experience and it boasts of similar features to the Yahoo Mail app for Android and iOS devices. After the update, the users will be able to toggle between the dark and light backgrounds using a specified switch. In addition, users will also get infinite scrolling options and a revamped sidebar menu that will provide quick access to different folders like Inbox, Draft, Trash and Sent Mails.

While the company bids goodbye to its Messenger service, it email counterpart has gained momentum recently when it comes to usage. It currently has over 227.8 million active users with 26 million email exchanges taking place through its platform.

Yahoo Mail also features an easy to use toolbar that offers shortcuts for deleting or forwarding a message. Additionally, it also comes with an auto-suggest feature which is similar to the Smart Compose feature of Gmail and will help the users to compose a message quickly with automated inputs. The mobile web interface and the desktop interface of Yahoo Mail are now similar to each other, thanks to the same JavaScript framework that is being used now.

“By 2025, the number of global mobile internet users is predicted to expand by over 50%. We believe it is important to understand and meet the specific needs of this massive wave of new mobile users and deliver the same first-class Yahoo Mail experience regardless of device, location, storage capacity, or network speeds,” Yahoo posed in a blog post as a part of the announcement.

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