9apps and Vidmate App Comparison 2018

In this article, we will be talking about a tool that helps people to download any type of Content from anywhere in the internet around the globe for free.

The tools that we’re talking about is 9 apps and Vidmate apk, both of them have a video and audio Download feature for free and in common as well.

We will have a brief introduction on them and talk about their respective Features.

What is 9 apps?

It is a tool/Platform that allows people to download or watch any type of Video content ( free or paid) from different sources for free, it also allows people to download content such as wallpapers, ringtones, modded apps, and so much more. 9 apps is a search engine for everything that majority of the users wants from the internet.

What is Vidmate?

Whereas, Vidmate is a specific platform made for Downloading and watching premium content for free. It allows its users to download any type of Video/audio for free. Basically, Vidmate is a search engine for Premium video/audio content.

Features of 9apps APK

  1. The application is truly user-accommodating, it has made distinctive classifications that makes it extremely advantageous for users to go to the specific classification keeping in mind the end goal to search for the application they need to download.
  2. The application is exceedingly optimized particularly for individuals of India and Indonesia. Nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia must attempt this application as it has been created remembering the general population from this locale.
  3. As we talked about before also, it is extremely light weighted. It just devours 3-4 MB of your Android space. In addition, lightweight application guarantees no technical conflicts and glitches later on. Likewise, bring down the measure of utilization more rapid will be the downloading procedure.
  4. It is a standout amongst other outsider application stores. There is a number of other outsider stores also yet this has been evaluated as the best amongst those apps

Features of Vidmate App –

  1. The user can download multiple videos without a moment’s delay and in a click. It is in fact, stated to be the most popular feature in the list.
  2. The user can likewise download motion pictures in various sort of arrangements
  3. The user can download Videos from the Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion with only a solitary snap.
  4. Watch Live TV with no Buffering. This feature comes along to the first point in the list and is also popular amongst people having slow internet.
  5. The user can download the most recent Hollywood motion pictures in High Definition

Final Word
In The article , we have talked about 9apps, Vidmate apk, the internet revolution, features of Vidmate APK, 9apps, and how to download both the applications on Play Store, and much more.

Thank you for reading this article and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments section. It’s been a pleasure making such awesome guides.

The content is in no way sponsored by 9apps, Vidmate APK and it’s development team

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