Apple iPhone X Plus May Arrive with an iPad-like Landscape Mode

Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models this fall. While there has been no shortage of leaks regarding the design elements and specifications of the three devices, a new rumor suggests that the Cupertino based conglomerate is planning to introduce a 6.5-inch model of the iPhone which is much larger than the current iPhone X. Also, as per another report, the new device dubbed as Apple iPhone X Plus may arrive with an iPad-like Landscape mode.  The current iPhone X which bears a screen of 5.8-inch does not support the Landscape mode and only has limited app functionality in that mode. A report based on evidence found on the iOS 12 beta suggests that one model will indeed feature a landscape mode and will arrive with a screen resolution of 1242 X 2688 pixels.

Image Courtesy: iHelpBR

As per a report by Brazilian site iHelpBR, a recent beta version of iOS 12 suggests that the new 6.5-inch iPhone may arrive with a landscape mode. The folks at iHelpBR apparently forced the iOS simulator to run on a resolution of 1242 X 2688 and found that several of the applications have been made compatible with the landscape mode. Native apps like Calendar, Contacts, and Messages were found to be compatible with the landscape mode. This indicated that Apple may introduce the mode as the device features a much larger screen.

Coming to the current iPhone X which bears a 5.8-inch screen, it does not support the landscape mode although it features a larger screen than the iPhone 8. The unavailability of the landscape mode on iPhone models has been a long-standing issue that the users have reported. Now the company seems to have finally solved the issue with the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. However, as the report is not an official one, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Also, there has been no confirmation about the availability of the landscape mode in the iPhone X Plus from Apple as yet.

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