How to set up Instagram Account for Business

Launching a social media campaign to promote your business or product is the best thing you can do as of today. Business without a strong social media hold or presence loses out to the competition. What is in your face, in front of you is what your brain recalls and remembers even. That is why businesses which are advertised on social media and business profiles which are followed by people tend to do much better than other traditional businesses which are still not active on several social media platforms.

Pictures and visuals are probably the strongest ingredients for any social media marketing campaign. The statistics are astounding, and they speak for themselves. The number of Instagram users stood at 800 million people monthly in September 2017 and this figure was twice of that in 2015. You need visuals that tell a story in an instant if you want your posts to make a mark with online audiences. You can order instagram likes from BuzzVoice to boost your posts and increase the chances of success.

Setting up Instagram for business is quite easy especially if you use Facebook and the fact is that using the social media platform for business propaganda is much less time to consume than other platforms of social media. The following are some simple steps to set up an Instagram account for your business:

  1. Get the App

    The first thing you should do is to download the app which is addressed towards smartphones, tablets and computers. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play store or Apple iOS. 
  2. Create an Account

    The next step is to create an account and you could do this using your phone number or email address. If you have a Facebook account, then you use it to sign into Instagram.

    First, you will be taken to a business profile and to use the app for a business account you may have to link it with a Facebook business page. This can be easily done by selecting “switch to business profile” in the settings option on the top right corner of your profile page.
  • Finish the profile setup

    You can finish setting up your business profile by entering either a phone number, address or email address for your business. Some of the information may already be filled in from your Facebook business page and once you are done entering the above-said details, click on “done”.
  • Create a new Facebook business page

    If you do not own a facebook business page then it is high time you create one. This is also easily done by choosing the “Create one” at the bottom of your Facebook profile page. Come up with a title for your page depending on your brand name and then pick a category your business falls into.
  • Edit your profile suitably

    Once your Instagram profile is linked to your Facebook business page, you should start editing your profile. The first thing you can do is to add a suitable profile photo, a biodata or a website link to your business webpage.
  • Send invites to your contacts to follow you

    You should invite all your friends and contacts to follow you. One of the ways of doing this is by selecting the “Invite Facebook friends” option in the settings menu.
  • Post and post galore

    You should start by adding relevant photos to your gallery and the great thing about Instagram that it has some super cook filters that allow you to reinvent old photos. Once you get the hand of using the app, you can post stories that drive engagement to your business page.


    Nobody can deny the huge popularity Instagram enjoys and when it comes to sharing images and visual content with friends and contacts, the social media platform wins hands down. There are new developments and features being added to the app to make things smoother for the Instagram users and these features make the app even more fun and exciting to use.

    For years technology has had a massive impact on the way we consume content. In the early 20th century, people attended the cinema every single week without fail for that bit of entertainment.
    After the television forayed into every home, the swing changed, and cinema goers became fewer and fewer. We have been seeing a decline in traditional television viewership and this is mainly because of the new generation of television and entertainment tools that are making a mark for themselves.
    New television and entertainment tools are new and fresh whether you talk about Facebook watch, Twitters video broadcast or the very recent Instagram’s IGTV. IGTV is a new feature on Instagram that allows you to watch long form, vertical videos from your all-time favourite Instagram creators. The future clearly shows that social media networking platforms will turn out to be the future big broadcast channels.
    If you are looking manage your social media using a all in one social media aggregator app like Sprouter.

    Interested to know what IGTV really is?

    It is basically a standalone vertical video viewing app and the videos are not limited to a minute like on Instagram, they can go on lengths of one hour. The great thing about IGTV is as soon as you switch it on a video starts to play and you do not have to search for videos to watch from people you follow. Just like TV, IGTV too has channels but here the channels are the creators themselves. With IGTV creativity has no bounds as anyone can become a creator by uploading their videos on the web or the app to start their own unique channel.

    Vertical videos have revolutionised the way in which people create videos and in the way, the videos are consumed by the audience. This has captured a very large percentage of the online video watching market which in turn boosts the demand for apps like IGTV. Facebook had come up with a declaration that users were more likely to watch vertical videos rather than the 16:9 videos and for longer and thus this makes sense for other social media apps to come up with their own versions of vertical video apps like IGTV.

    There are several very good examples of vertical videos and IGTV content including National Geographic, The Economist, Manchester City Fc to mention a few. IGTV had very humble beginnings and if the vertical video app would have been launched just a few years ago then it would have met with serious scepticism. When Instagram was first launched it was just an app where users to filter and edit their photos and share them with others through it. All that changed in 2013 when videos were added and users could share 15 seconds clips on their feed. Next came the 60 seconds clips, full-screen live videos and the vertical video formats thus enabling the start of IGTV.


Instagram is the best thing that can happen to your business. The app has changed the face of image sharing, commenting and interacting with friends and contacts. everyday new users are signing up for Instagram business and in the process they are using the app to enhance their business potential, widen customer base and indulge in a very personalised, one on one interaction with customers and clients.

A social media campagne is an absolute must for any business today, whether small time or large scale. Instagram is bringing out new, useful and interesting features everyday and IGTV is one such feature which has caught on like fire in a forest.

Instagram can take you and your business places and if you still have not set up an Instagram account for your business or product, then get going or else get left behind by the competition.

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