How a Great Website Can Change Your Restaurant Business

So, you aren’t sure if your restaurant should have a website. People keep bringing it up to you but you think it’s a waste of money since you don’t have an ecommerce store. I’m sure you have a lot on your plate but if you aren’t sure whether or not you should have a website for your restaurant, please keep reading. Having a website for your restaurant is no longer an option, it’s a necessity and my goal in this article is to help you understand why.

Your Central Hub

Having a website allows you to share announcements, coupons and deals, news and any other important information that you’d like your customers and potential customers to know. And guess what? When one of your customers or potential customers have a question about your restaurant, they really don’t want to call. The first thing they’ll do is check online. Information from your website versus third parties is always best and you could even build a relationship with your customers there. You could introduce an email or SMS list, offer giveaways, connect your customers with your social media pages and more.

Increase Traffic

Like I mentioned before, most people search online to get information about companies. Imagine a potential customer searching for your restaurant online or restaurants near their location. If your restaurant had a website, that website would come up in the search results and when they take a look at your menu they may very well decide to stop by. Being able to offer 24/7 information to your customers can answer questions they may have to quickly get them through your door.

Want to take it a step further? Increase traffic to your website with the ability to accept online orders! Offering delivery may not be a bad idea either since investment firm Cowen forecasts a massive 79 percent increase in the total U.S. food home delivery market over the next five years.

Stay Competitive

Having a website for your restaurant allows you to get creative and fun when connecting and interacting with your customers. One way any industry can stay afloat and fight off their competition is with the use of technology. Having a website when your competitor doesn’t have one is an example of that.

Online ordering is a great example of using technology to boost business for your restaurant. Allowing customers to order from your website increases revenue, decreases incorrect orders and allows you to easily track data. Having data lets you know what to stop doing and what to do more of which can be the key in dramatically increases sales for your restaurant. Need inspiration? Stay informed on what’s new in the tech world and see how it’s possible for you to make creative changes for your restaurant.

The true question shouldn’t be should you launch a website for your restaurant but how far would you like to take it. Having a basic website that offers information about your restaurant like location, address, phone number and FAQ is much better than not having a website at all. A website will increase your foot traffic, increase revenue, and keep you competitive. In fact, not having a website does harm to your business. Plus, setting up a website isn’t as hard as you may think! If your budget is small, take a look at these low-cost themes for your restaurant website and hire a freelancer to set it up for you. Additionally, you can get a POS platform for your business. In this day and age, every restaurant needs a website just like every business needs a website. It’s a must!

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