YouTube Dark Theme Now Available on Android

YouTube for Android is now receiving the widely anticipated dark theme that was made available on other platforms months ago. The new theme which has been designed to reduce strain on the eyes while navigating through the app or searching videos in low light conditions or dark environments was initially rolled out to some Android users in July. The dark theme feature was initially rolled out to iOS devices in March this year after it was made available on the desktop platform. To use the new mode, you need to update the YouTube app on your Android device or download the latest version from Google Play.

Youtube for Android receives Dark Theme

Similar to dark mode on other apps like Android Messenger, the dark theme on the YouTube app has been designed to reduce the strain on your eyes while using the app by adding a dark grey background. The new mode changes not just the homescreen but also other tabs like your playlists, settings and search history. Once activated, the font color also gets changed automatically from black to white. Additionally, the dark mode may also help to save some battery as it avoids the use of white pixels on the screen.

Once you have updated the YouTube for Android app to the latest version, you can activate the dark theme to change the background from white to dark grey. The app will show you a popup notification about the arrival of the dark theme and you can activate it by going to Settings> General and tapping on the account option on the top right corner. Then you need to tap on the Dark Theme option to activate the new feature. It can be deactivated by following the same procedure.

The dark Theme is being rolled out in phases so it may take some time to reach all the users. You can check for the update on Google Play and if it has been rolled out in your region, you can download the latest version or update your app to enjoy the new feature.

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