Apple Watch Charger with USB Type-C Cable Launched

Apple has silently launched an official Apple Watch charger that features a USB Type-C connector cable. It may be recalled that the latest Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a traditional USB Type-A charger currently. The new charger called Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-Type C cable is now available for purchase in the US and carries the same price tag of $29 set for the traditional USB Type-A charger. The USB Type-C Magnetic Charger currently comes with the sole option of 0.3m cable although the company is expected to roll out 1 metre and 2-metre cable options at a later stage.

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB Type-C cable has been listed on the online Apple store in the US and carries a price tag of $29. The listing further reveals that the charger is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 3, Series 2 as well as Series 1. The charger currently comes with a USB Type-C cable of 0.3m length.

Apart from the USB Type-C connector, the charger is identical to the Apple Watch charging dock of the previous models. It uses a magnet to pull the Apple Watch in place once it is brought close to the charger. Apple has said that the charger comes with a sealed system that does not require any precise alignment for its operation. The 1 meter and 2-meter cable options are currently not listed on the Apple online store although they are likely to be made available in the coming days.

Users in the US can currently order the magnetic Apple Watch charger online through the official Apple store. It is also said to reach retail stores in the US starting today so users who want to get their hands on it via offline modes can do so right now. Availability of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB Type-C cable in India or its pricing details are yet to be revealed by the company.

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