Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Review

Bitdefender is an antivirus company and they have been credited with making the best Antivirus of 2018. They are now expanding their offers and are now focusing on VPN (Virtual Private Network) development. Bitdefender thus uses VPN in their home use antiviruses: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Internet Security. The free Antivirus pack doesn’t include this feature.

They also created the single software for the VPN itself and provides much more features than the features included inside the antivirus and internet protection software’s.

The VPN software provides anonymous browsing, secured transactions over Wi-Fi (no need to worry about the data leakage), Unlimited traffic (which means you can use the VPN up to any data limit), Extensive coverage, it is also able to unlock the media from all over the world and you can also cancel your subscription any time (not applicable for the Yearly Plan).

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is a cross platform antivirus solution from the company, which means a single user can use the license on all of their devices including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and it also eats very little battery.

It provides anti-ransomware: the virus and ransomware database is being updated continuously by the company so that your device will never be compromised.

Wi-Fi Security: It can block the middle-man (hacker) connection to your device when you are using an open or public Wi-Fi

Firewall: It will block the unauthorized access to your computer or PC, and has advanced threat detection.

Bitdefender VPN: Windows Software

If you need a secure vpn service for Windows, then look no further! Bitdefender provides a VPN that is highly optimized and includes some optimization tools like One Click Optimizer, Start-up Optimizer and Disk Clean-up. Just a simple click can optimize the device under One Click Optimizer. Disk Clean-up is able to clean unnecessary files stored in drives like cached and temporary files. These files increase the disk space without any benefits, cleaning them would not cause any issue.  

Start-up optimizer will make the PC boot faster by blocking the unwanted applications that start when the system starts. Some of this software requires a start-up service because it performs some operations that can only be applied on start-up so don’t close them.

There is also an Anti-Theft feature through which you can trace your device in case it is lost. You have to apply all settings in the anti-theft window and when you want to locate your device just go to Bitdefender’s site and login with your ID and go to Anti-Theft there you will see a map with last location of your device. You can lock your device remotely by clicking the Lock option, it will remove other devices and lock the admin account. You can also snap some photos with the webcam of your device.

These features are also available for the Android device but the iOS and Mac versions of the Total Security have some limitations.

The Total Security includes the Bitdefender VPN with 200MB of data per day.


The VPN comes with the 3 plans:

  1. Premium VPN with Yearly Plan: It costs $39.99 for a year. It includes Anonymous browsing, secured transaction on Wi-Fi, Unlimited traffic, Extensive coverage, unlock media from all over the world for upto 5 devices but you cannot cancel the plan once you have taken.
  2. Premium VPN with Monthly Plan: It costs just $6.99  per month and it has all the features of the Yearly plan and you can cancel it anytime.
  3. Basic VPN [FREE]: The free version of VPN provides Anonymous browsing and Wi-Fi transaction security and only 200MB of data usage per day.

The Basic VPN is included with the Bitdefender Total Security which costs $79.97 it is on sale and you are saving $50 previously it costs $129.98.

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