Meet Carbo: The Lightest Folding e-Bike

Motor vehicles were once considered one of the world’s greatest inventions, but as the population grew, so did the amount of cars on the road and, unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, our society is on the cusp of a green revolution that will change the environment and our everyday lives.

As an ideal eco-friendly solution to urban transportation, electric bikes are a big part of this revolution and it seems each one that hits the market is better than the next. Carbo, on the other hand, is one that will be tough to top.

Carbo’s name comes from it’s high-quality Japanese carbon fiber (Toray) frame, which also makes it incredibly lightweight. At only 12.9 KG or 28.9 lbs, Carbo is currently the lightest folding electric bike on the market, which also makes it easy to transport and stow away whether you’re heading to work or a lunch date. In 10 seconds or less, you can fold it up and take it with you anywhere. Carbo also comes with its own convenient carry bag. its competitors, Carbo’s components are engineered for the non-technical type. Installing and replacing parts is a simple, easy process that can be done by anyone without any prior knowledge and it is also fully adjustable to the rider. For those times that you need a little extra help getting up that hill or if you want to avoid getting sweaty if you’re say, headed to a meeting, Carbo’s 250W 36V engine’s got you covered. Carbo can go 60 km (40 miles) with pedal assist and 45 km (28 mi) if you want to go full electric.

Carbo is available now for pre-sale on Indiegogo, though the campaign has only 11 days left, so act quickly since you can get it for 40% off the retail price.

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