Q&A with Taco Playbits: Educating Screen-Free STEM Toy Hits Crowdfunding Goal

A few weeks ago, we covered Taco Playbits, a STEM toy kids around the world can use their imagination with to learn everything from numeracy and literacy to coding and foreign language. The toy can be used in any language, dialect or accent of choice and it is even braille-compatible.

We’ve been following the crowdfunding campaign ever since and are excited to announce that they have successfully hit their goal. Because of that, we wanted to dive deeper with their Chairman, Ramana Prasad.

Q&A with Ramana Prasad, Chairman of Taco Playbits

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Taco Playbits?

A: We were tinkering around trying to make a construction robot but with coding entirely Screen Free viz Tangible Coding. As a natural corollary, the idea of Taco Playbits emerged which essentially is a Coding & STEM learning gadget.

Q: Why did you decide to make a screen-free coding education product?  

A: Do you remember when “Play” meant kids running around the whole day, active and with friends! Sadly Kids today have “screen time” interacting only with devices.

Parents today are a worried a lot and are looking for solutions to reduce screen time.

Q: Do you think screens impact children’s learning ability?

A: Research suggests that too much screen time is harmful for kids from warnings about eyesight damage to negative shifts in brain connectivity.

Q: What kind of feedback have you had from children and parents?

A:  We conducted trials with prototypes in UK and parents loved the fact that it is a self-learning gadget and that their kids can learn at their own pace.

Parents told our UK team that portability was a beneficial feature which attracted them especially keeping kids occupied while on a long car journey. Educators & parents felt that the coding & STEM learning curriculum was nicely incorporated in Taco Playbits in an engaging & playful way.

The other unique feature of Playbits which gained a lot of attraction was the ability for Parents and Educators to be able to record their own questions in their own voice in any language or accent.

Q: Are you planning to develop more products in the future?
A:  We will be soon launching Taco Robobricks, a construction robot with 100% screen free coding for kids ages 3-8. We were tinkering around trying to make a construction robot but with coding entirely Screen Free viz Tangible Coding.

Q:  Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
A:  We think that your readers will love our learning solution offered in Taco Playbits.

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