WhatsApp for iPhone Update Brings Improved UI and Autoplay for Voice Messages

Instant messaging service WhatsApp, has rolled out a new update for the iOS version of the app to bring a host of improvements and new features. The update brings native resolution support for the iPhone XS Max along with major UI improvements an autoplay feature for voice messages. The redesigned UI will make it easier for users to copy, forward, delete or reply to specific messages. All these features have been rolled out as a part of WhatsApp for iPhone with version number 2.18.100. The update is currently available for all iOS users to download and install on their iPhone devices.


Talking about the new features in detail, the iPhone XS Max features a resolution of 1242 X 2688 pixels which is the highest among all the models released so far. Notably, the iPhone X which was released last year had a resolution of 1125 X 2436 pixels which is much lower than that of the iPhone XS Max. Until now, WhatsApp used to scale the resolution down on the iPhone X and even the iPhone XS in order to make the app work smoothly on these devices. Since the iPhone XS Max has an even larger resolution, this method no longer works on it. This is why the new update has been rolled out to match the native resolution of iPhone XS Max.

In addition to the native resolution support on the iPhone XS Max, the update also brings a new UI that will make it easier for the users to copy, delete or reply to specific messages. There is a vertical view of these options now instead of the horizontal strip. Also, the UI will remain the same when the users opt to copy, delete or reply to a specific message.

Another new feature that has been introduced via the update is the autoplay function for voice messages. From now on, all voice messages sent on the platform will autoplay on its own and the users will not have to hit the play button separately to play them. If you want to check out these features, just update the WhatsApp app on your iOS device from the Apple App store.

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