Project Dragonfly, Will Google Cancel the Deal Amidst Employee Protest?

Google is now more than a search engine, some companies and even some countries have approached it for developing customized projects for them and Dragonfly is one of them, the most controversial project till now. Many employees have protested against development of such thing and the house of representitive has sent a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai about it.

What’s Dragonfly?: It’s a project from the Chinese government. The project resolves around developing and desigining a search engine where Government can block websites through an arteficial intelligence.

This is not the problem, even Google uses AI to block websites that spread hatred and other sensitive things. Actually, the Chinese government wants to block the websites having words like democracy, Nobel prize, student protest, human rights etc.

Employees demanded an open letter ensuring that the company cancels the whole of developing such search engine and will not develop something that’s against human rights which is a basic pillar of democracy!

China’s willingness to develop such a search engine that easily suppress freedom of expression is clearly indicating its political volatility and motive otherwise who cuts down “Nobel prize” from getting listed on the search engine! It’s simple, they want to show their people what they want. In a line- censored contents! Website having the censored words will be automatically blocked immediately after the bot crawls it.

Amidst employee protest, Amnesty International has joined it and started getting signs around the world for its petition for canceling such projects.

According to the report by The Intercept the newly search engine, Dragonfly which is in the pipeline to be developed soon will remove every content deemed sensitive for the Communist Party in China.

This year has not been so pleasant for Google. In November first week, employees of it walked out of work for protesting organization’s way of handling reports related to sexual misconducts.

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