How to save YouTube video and watch offline

YouTube is undoubtedly the best and most popular video streaming website that is being popular for having numerous kinds of videos in it. Even you have found something really exciting on the YouTube which you desperately want to watch later. But, officially, YouTube does not provide any medium to download the videos. Although you have an option to save the video to the list of online videos on your account, but even then you would need to open YouTube to see those videos. So, is there any reliable way to save the YouTube Videos and watch them offline without any condition? The answer is Yes! You can use certain tools and tricks to download the YouTube videos on your Mac or any other Apple device. We are listing one of the most reliable and easiest ways to download the YouTube videos. BY using it, you can easily download the YouTube videos without any restrictions. Go through it, and watch your favorite YouTube videos offline.

Apple Devices: Great way to watch YouTube videos at a higher resolution

Apple devices have superior displays and the higher resolution and retina display makes the things even better to watch the HD quality videos from YouTube. So, if you have a Mac PC or laptop and want to download the YouTube videos on the amazing display, then go through the following way to download and watch YouTube videos offline.

Airy:  A Perfect, simple and effective tool to download the YouTube Videos

If you were looking for the simplest tool for downloading the YouTube videos on your Mac devices at high speed and without any fail, then you should not look any further than the Airy. Airy is a simple tool that enables the users to download the YouTube Videos in different quality as per the needs. Also, you can embed it with your web browser, to make it even more easy to use. Here is how to save youtube video and watch offline via Airy on your Mac PC.

Step 1: Download the Airy tool from this link. Once downloaded, install the app as usual.

Step 2: Open the YouTube and navigate to the desired video. Copy the link of the video, and paste that URL to the specified field.

Step 3: Click on download after selecting the quality in which you want to download the video.

Step 4: That’s it. Your video will be downloaded to the default download location of your Mac. Navigate to the location, and enjoy the video on your favorite video player.

That’s it, this is the most reliable and easy way through which you can download the YouTube videos on your preferred screen. Also, the Airy also provide you with numerous other useful features that make the app even more useful. Here are the most useful features of Airy that will make you fall in love with the app.

  • Save the playlists directly on your MAC
  • Extract the audio from the YouTube videos (MP3 format)
  • Save YouTube Channels

So, if you were after a reliable way to download the YouTube videos on your Mac, try your hands on Airy. You will be more than just satisfied by the performance.

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