Microsoft Airband Initiative To Reach 25 Millions Americans With Broadband

Though America is considered one of the countries with deep internet penetration, more than 25 million American still don’t have broadband connectivity. 19 million live in rural areas. Microsoft is working on a project to deliver better internet connectivity to these people with a project called, Airband initiative. It’a basically working on broadband connectivity as of now.

The popularity of broadband is increasing as it helps to connect to the internet seamlessly and in doing tasks involved in high bandwidth accessibility. Million of people still don’t have better connectivity.

Though the whole initiative is being planned by Microsoft, all the benefits and technical help from its one of the subsidiaries. There’s a catch behind using the telecom frequencies. Now, it’s planning to use the vacant television broadcast frequencies. It’s known as TV white band. They have provided a detailed description of this move on their official blog.

According to the experts, every technological thing needs time to get expanded. Even TV took 50 years to take an average penetration of 70% in the country so, high-speed internet may take a few years to cover at least every corner with a minimum population density.

All the technical critics are criticizing this initiative. Every point comes because of the interference of the Government as the whole structures are supported by the Government and public money are being financed here. So it’s not a Microsoft initiative purely. On the other hand, some experts claimed that it will hamper local TV services.

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