Windows 10 Lite To Be Launched Soon

It has been more than three years since Microsoft launched any new operating system. Windows 10 was the last one that came into the market with huge hype as it got a big leap in terms of graphics and usability from Windows 8.1. From an unconfirmed report. several sources have indicated toward a LITE version of current Windows OS, that’s Windows 10.

Well, If it’s considered as a true rumor, why Microsoft is working on a LITE version of Windows 10? Though there’s no official statement yet, we can find some reasons behind this move.

Low-end Chromebooks have taken a considerable market share and some high-end tablets also run on Chrome OS. Microsoft is targeting that market pie. Recently during an update, a new version is detected. The low version will not be as capable as the real Windows 10 is.

A Tweet has raised the question where a new SDK is detected. Here it is-

This OEM will not be available for purchase directly as we can predict. It may be rolled out straightforwardly through the manufacturers’ end.

It’s designed to perform the moderate tasks cleverly. So, the competitors of Chromebooks, low priced edition of notebooks can be targeted with Windows 10 LITE in the coming future as it’s being designed and developed for these devices particularly. As per the experts, Windows LITE will be able to exercise the universal Windows applications and some advanced compatible web apps while the heavy software like Photoshop may not be welcomed on this platform as the OS may be supported for devices having RAM 1 GB and 2GB.

There’s no response from official side till now. We will keep updating about this as anything happens forward. Stay tuned and glued with us.

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