PUBG Banned 30K Accounts For Hacking

Online gaming communities always try to keep the game as clean as possible. With various techniques of killing opponents, cheats also come into the game in order to win the chicken dinners. Cheatsters have many methods to take advantages in the game over opponents by manipulating game servers from a secondary device. Due to these cheats, real players who want to enjoy the game without any resort to cheating get really astonished and seldom report the players who are likely to hack into the game. PUBG was free from all clutches till date but a day before it hammers all the hackers online while they are playing on the new Vikendi map and banned more than 30K accounts.

How Hackers Work?

Well, in the recent update PUBG developers got a number of loops that can be used for hacking the game and many reports from the users suggested various types of hacking in the game since it came into the market. Suddenly out of the blue, PUBG announced that it has banned players trying to hack radar information through a secondary device in order to get the information about the recent positions of the opponent players. It helps to increase kill ratio and get some crazy headshots.

 Radar hack works in a crazy way, hackers set a secondary device where it pulls all the radar info from the game servers and reveals where the opponents are hiding in. Just because all these info were being pushed through a VPN server, actual cheater was out of any danger of getting into the clutches of PUBG developers. But with the recent update, it has fixed some loops so that getting in touch of the hackers become easier. And hackers stepped into the trap and more than 30K accounts inclusing some self proclaimed pros also got banned from playing the game!

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