VIT Bans PUBG in Hostels With Strict Notice

VIT, Vellore Institute of Technology has put a notice for the students and hostellers that playing PUBG and some online games had been banned in campus and hostels. A few days ago, some schools in Bangalore have taken the same actions where they have advised parents to force the kids refraining from playing PUBG after school time because it had been hampering their studies and had been impacting their overall grades.

The engineering institutes in Vellore has taken the thing a bit higher and publicly put a notice against playing PUBG. There have been a lot of notices issued before this because according to the authority, grades of the students have been hampering a lot because when some students start playing the games, everyone else can’t resist joining in the room.

As because PUBG is being played as a team, hostellers are divided into the group to play the game, by this almost all the students engage in playing the game. The moments got so intense that the students who want to study can’t do that properly. Several reports have been issued regarding these issues.

But finally, the hostel warden has issued a strict notice by which the authority literally bans online gaming on campus and hostels.  Just after the publishing the notice, Twitterati starts making it viral and the web world has been divided into two parts where one is supporting this ban whereas another part is against the ban.

Now, it’s time to see, whether the authority keeps the ban going or steps back due to severe criticism.

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