LambdaTest For Cross Browser Compatibility Gaining Pace

Another year gone by, and while most of us can’t even remember what the year was like. The year for Technology, was a genuinely good one. With Tesla gaining more traction than ever and Elon Musk riding out this wave of fame like a boss. (Seriously, who manages his Twitter account?) Things have really looked upwards.

Another field that has grown massively over the past year is the cloud computing field, AWS was just the start of what it seems like now, an avalanche of “Cloud Based Companies”. Cloud Development, Cloud Testing you name it and there mostly is a cloud service that does it.

We’re here reviewing one such service today.

An online Cross Browser Compatibility Testing service called LambdaTest. What LambdaTest basically does is take hold of your existing Web Applications url and run it across a variety of combination of OS, and browsers.
You get real time results of these tests in the form of screenshots and screen recordings which are automated, but can also be taken manually.

We shall now proceed to see what exactly makes LambdaTest one of the best online Testing Services available.


Perform tests on various browsers based on different machines remotely

With the help of LambdaTest one can simply select the configurations they wish to test out on a browser select the OS and the browser, alongside the browser version and they’re good to go. It will now proceed to run your web app on each of these configurations and send you screenshots of each configuration in real time. This helps one get completely free of the entire testing phase, and move on to bigger and more important tasks.

Test it out on various machines

Whether it be Windows or Mac, Chrome or Firefox. LambdaTest allows users to test compatibility on multiple combinations of browsers and Operating Systems. All these because of the sheer number of browsers that are out there today.  Browsers come out with different builds these day. Firefox has two, Chrome has four and many other browsers have many more. And this is just the builds we’re talking about. There are version to these builds and what not. Hence the simplified solution of LambdaTest. Otherwise who’d ever have the time to sit and test out your app on each every single one of these browsers?

But LambdaTest doesn’t stop there, we all know there are mobile browsers. And we all know that they tend to function a bit differently to the web versions. With the help of LambdaTest you can deploy test runs on multiple of these browsers on different phones with different resolutions. Most Android phones and iPhones and iPads are available for testing on the website.

What’s more?

As mentioned earlier, LambdaTest gives you visual feedback in the form of screenshots and screen recording that are taken in real time when you run the required tests on various machine. This gives you a proper insight into how your web app performs on certain browsers.

Another great feature is the inclusion of a pre installed IDE on each and every remote machine that you hire out. This ensure that you can change up your code or make any bug fixes on the fly. Even if you don’t have a machine with the program installed on hand.

Something also worth noting is the great little issue tracker that is built into the system. This helps you easily get hold of of all the bugs reported by users. You can reply right from this hub and also make changes/fixes from the IDE.

A neat service that costs about $15 a month ends up being a lifesaver for devs when it comes to crunch time.

A free trial is also available on their official website that you can test out easily. Visit  to check out more about the different plans available and make good use of that trial you get!

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