Xiaomi To Launch Mi Pure Air Mask

Xiaomi has been the only company that keeps launching homely products for daily use apart from smartphone though it has captured a considerable portion of smartphone selling in India and consider itself as the number one brand in smartphone selling in India.

Now, the same company is gearing up to something new and something innovative. In order to take on uncontrollable pollution in the air, it has come up with a new product, an air purifier mask! Yes, you have heard it right, a mask connected with a fan made of thin plastic and fitted with an ultrathin replaceable filter. In a test, it has shown 99% efficiency as the company claims.

With the first package, you will a cartridge of filters. Now coming to how it functions. With a power button, you can easily control the power supply whenever you need it to work and there are three levels of speed control. In order to get it charged, you need to plug in the micro USB charger in the port located at the bottom part. The fan is powered by a functional rechargeable Li-ion battery.


It weighs less and makes it overall comfortable for everyone. Practically it weighs only 50.5 gm and the mask is made of high fiber textile material. The non-woven textile material is used in it. Once charged, the fan works for 3-4 hours which is enough while you are commuting.

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