How to Master Live Video and Improve Engagement with Your Brand

A trend that picked up speed last year is now steamrolling ahead. And, just what is this movement? Well, that would be the emphasis placed on video – live video, to be more exact. Now, it isn’t difficult to see why followers are able to connect with such content.

Companies are often plagued with the notion of being out of reach with the average consumer. However, when you bring live video into the equation, it becomes a lot easier for people to see your brand as being more personable. This, in turn, allows people to engage with what you are posting both now and in the future.

While a live video is an important aspect of any social media marketing plan, there is also no denying that it can be rather tricky to figure out. To make this easier for you to master this particular tactic, this is what you should do:

Create a ‘Script’

Just because your video is live doesn’t mean that it is spur of the moment. In fact, for the best results, you should actually create a script for either you or your employees to follow. After all, there is a point behind this video, right?

You either want to introduce certain people, show people how a product is created, or unveil a particular service or product. Either way, you have a goal in mind. Now, the only way to ensure that this goal is achieved properly is to create a script that outlines your objective.

There is also the fact that few people can actually improvise. Most people are likely to stumble or freeze up when a camera is thrust in their face. By giving them a rough outline to follow, you can prevent this from happening.

Find the Right Employees

On this note, it is important to select the proper employees for the job. As mentioned, some people just down do well when a spotlight is shined on them. Others, however, were born to be on camera and can steal the show without too much trouble.

It is the latter personality that you need to look for in your group of employees. Of course, you shouldn’t leave out the other members of your staff. Nevertheless, you may want to limit how much time you spend on them, especially if it makes them uncomfortable.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Let’s imagine, now, that you want to show people around your business. While you do want the experience to feel authentic, you also have to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. This means knowing which parts of the building to show and which areas to avoid.

It can also help to set the scene a little. This can include tidying up the area a little, making sure everyone looks professional or just adding more lights to brighten up space. You should also remember to only start the video when you will not have to deal with on-site distractions like noise or clients.

Promote the Video Ahead of Time

Unless you have an incredibly devoted following, it is unlikely that people are just going to stumble on to your live video. This is why you need to start advertising the video in advance – perhaps a few weeks ahead. Start off with teaser posts so that you can get people curious about what is happening.

Also, make it a point to clearly mention the time and date of the live video. It isn’t just enough to leave these details in the description. Rather, create a whole new post outlining all of the relevant information so that people can’t miss it.

Encourage Participation During the Video

The live video doesn’t have to be a passive experience for your audience. In fact, to really boost engagement, you should encourage them to join in with comments and likes. At the same time, you need to be responsive to what people are saying.

So, if you are asked a question or if someone drops a nice comment, make sure to reply during the live video. Always mention the person’s username to make it a more personal experience for the people involved.

A live video doesn’t have to be scary as long as you are aware of what it is that you need to be doing during this important social media strategy.

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