LG’s V50 ThinQ Supports 5G With Dual Screen

LG’s next sensation ThinQ is coming with full support for 5G. LG has unveiled this new device which is powered with dual screen. LG always try to find some new triggering feature to push sales. LG is known for innovative experimentations. This dual screen feature is really awesome. Users can enjoy a movie on one screen while surfing the internet on another! Two screens work independently. That’s why it has grabbed our attention.

LG is the world’s no seven smartphone manufacturer has experienced a dip in mobile sales. Meanwhile, companies like Huawei has moved to third place. Xiaomi has also managed to get fourth place in the world while securing the first place in India.

Xiaomi and Huawei have announced 5G devices in the MWC in this year while LG has introduced the same while having just a drawback that always pulls this brand behind- unnecessary experiments. With Snapdragon 855, every manufacturing company is trying to get the 5G devices in the market. LG is famous for its quality audio and video output.

The light sensor does something really amazing, it scans the veins in your hand though we can recognize your face as well for unlocking the device through the biometric process.

The Infineon tech which masters in scanning three-dimensional objects has put its sensors in it, so you can expect better functioning.

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