Microsoft To Stop Support For Windows 7 in 2020

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP a few years ago and that’s why every company that was using Windows XP for the server, updated to Windows 7.

Now, Microsoft has indicated that it will put a full stop on the support of Windows 7 too. There has been a trend of stopping support for an operating system in every 7 to 10 years.

Microsoft clearly stated that if you have any device or server running on Windows 7, you should update that to March’s update. Probably by 2020, it is going to end the support for Windows 7 too.

Microsoft Windows 7 is running on SHA-1 codes right now while it’s updating everything to SHA-2 code that’s more secure and encrypted than the SHA-1.

By July 2019,  every code provided by the earlier version will be upgraded to SHA-2. The company will offer new signing option for SHA-2 later on of this year. Through WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) all the servers will get the proper update to the more secure algorithm, SHA-2.

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