Nokia 9 Pureview To Be Unveiled on 24 February

HMD’s next sensation Nokia 9 Pureview may be launched on 24th February and we are expecting it to be unveiled in the MWC events. There’s nothing new to explore about this device because maximum features of this device either have been leaked out or have been figured out from the leaked images on different sites.


The pentalenes setup at the rear side has taken the tech world upside down. Nokia 9 has put up the pentalenes feature when maximum devices started providing a triple lens, after a few months, Huawei and Samsung confirmed that they were also working on something similar. But till now pentalenes setup is still to catch up by the smartphone manufacturers! That’s why the hype about this device is touching a great height.

Apart from having a pentalenes setup it has many things to move your focus towards it. The device is powered by the flagship class Snapdragon 845 processor which is a great option for building a device with superior power efficiency and AI modes. Apart from these, it’s attached with either a pack of 4 GB or 6 GB RAM to throttle the multitasking to a great level. You can choose 64 GB or 128 GB flash storage option to go with, we don’t have any clue whether it will get us an option to expand the storage through SD card or not.

Hold your breath till the device gets launched by the HMD in the MWC, supposedly on 24th February. Stay tuned.

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