Petition Filed Against Online Gaming in India

Lately, India is opting cyber laws. Being a country of one billion people, it’ unfortunate that we are still lagging in implementing proper cyber laws. In today’s world, everything is coming online and games are also getting onboard as well. As per one of the studies done on more ten thousand people from all age groups revealed an astonishing fact where it’s indicated that a person who spends more than 30 mins for online gaming, slowly gets addicted to that.

Even, you may get astounded knowing that PUBG mobile has been awarded as the most popular online multiplayer game in the world in the last year though there are a lot of cases on PUBG addiction in India as well. With the penetration of internet facilities, more people are getting in touch with the internet and often find entertainments online.

A few days before, Madras High Court directed that all the games that are being played online and if there is any task related to killing people and spreading violence then it should be rated for 18+ only and where there’s a chance of getting a prize on our fate is not a legal tender hence comes under gambling. This decision raised a lot of confusions and protests. People came forward with a clarification that if a game is played in a particular area with proper permission and after making every player aware of the situation and the probable outcomes of the game then why it’s declared illegal playing online.

Some famous companies approached the Supreme Court with some well-prepared explanations of getting a thumb up on playing rummy, cards online as a legal tender a few weeks back. After hearing every angles and aspect of the case, the Supreme Court declared that any game that has a space for luck and chance can’t be directly labeled as illegal. If there’s any scope to show proper intelligence then it can’t be an illegal tender at all.

Till now, Indians often take resort to VPNs to play online games which have some fume of confusion with the Indian cyber laws and laws related to information technology, the IT act 2000. Now that every aspect has cleared, as a player avid player, you can easily go for playing cards as well.

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