WhatsApp To Push Face and Fingerprint Unlock Feature in iOS

We are already aware of the fact that many Android apps work on Face recognition and a fingerprint security module. Till now, a very few apps in iOS opted the same. WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for iOS users where users can lock the app using their face or fingerprint. It prevents someone to access your personal chats on WhatsApp.

We have experienced screen pattern unlocking and password feature on iOS, With the popularity of the latest iPhone X and 8 users now want to leave the privacy on the biometric system though many amongst us still rely on password instead of biometric systems for privacy.

If anyone has a device which is used by multiple persons in a family or think for a moment if someone lets his or her kids play with the games on the device, by mistake the official or personal chats pop up and kids have gone through that or typed something mistakenly. An almost irreversible thing for sure.

So keeping the apps like WhatsApp is needed especially when we need to keep our privacies safe. Locking the apps is one of the processes to make everything safe and still we can share devices without any worry.

This setting will be available through an update in a week for the iOS users and the most important part, all these options will be on the settings tab of your device. So you can easily replace the old fashioned pattern lock using the options easily and WhatsApp came with the same feature on Android a long time ago, coming on iOS it’s a matter of time.

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