10 WordPress Plugins Every Developer Should Use

Every WordPress developer should have an arsenal of plugins at their disposal. If you’re not an experienced webmaster, you need to sign up for a WordPress web hosting plan. You can hire a freelancer if your site needs more attention.

Still, you’re going to need to use plugins. The best ones help your site run smoothly.

Here are a few WordPress plugins you can experiment with.

  1. Developer

A developer is aptly-named. It’s designed to help you create an ideal development environment. In order to get the best use, you have to customize the settings. What are you developing? Themes? Plugins?

A developer can be described as a master plugin. It’s a great tool for beginning developers because it allows you to check if your system is configured correctly.

  1. WP-Optimize

You need your site to function as well as possible. Problems could hurt your reputation and cost you money. To prevent this, you need to optimize your site and keep your database in good shape.

The WP-Optimize plugin does it automatically. It gets rid of files that you don’t need. It helps speed up your site as well. You can download WP-Optimize for free.

  1. Debug Bar

You can add a debugging menu to your site’s admin bar. It keeps track of your PHP error notices as well as your MySQL queries. If you’re looking for an easier way to find PHP notices, the Debug Bar plugin can help.

  1. Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin

It’s absolutely critical that you back up all of your files. You don’t want your entire site to crash because of a simple mistake with your code. A fully backed up site will let your business survive even if you get hacked or slammed by malware.

The UpraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin manages your backups automatically. It’s one of the most downloaded backup plugins on the repository. There are many customization options.

  1. Advanced CSS Editor

With the Advanced CSS Editor, developers can write CSS code directly in the Customizer. You can even add different CSS code to match each device. Your code for laptops doesn’t have to resemble your code for mobile devices, for example. There’s a good chance that you want your site to look different across each device.

If you routinely deal with custom CSS, this is the perfect plugin. You can view the changes live in the Customizer.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken links don’t help anyone. They’re especially damaging if you’re running an e-commerce site. Customers hate pages that don’t load correctly. This plugin alerts you when a page contains a broken link.

It can go through all of your content. If you’re having trouble with search engines, you can use the plugin to tell them not to send people to the broken pages

  1. RTL Tester

The plugin gives you the chance to test your plugins and themes in RTL mode. You can also manage the text directions of your site. This can help you make sure that everything looks good. It’s particularly useful for people who work with languages like Urdu or Hebrew.

  1. Regenerate Thumbnails

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin allows you to regenerate thumbnail images. If you’ve recently made style changes, the plugin can help. Regenerate Thumbnails isn’t the only plugin in this space but it is the most popular.

  1. TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

Every WordPress developer should understand the Visual Editor toolbar. It’s loaded with tools that you’ll need for editing. To fully customize your toolbar, you can use the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin. It gives you the option to rearrange the buttons and select extra options.

  1. User Switching

The User Switching plugin gives you the ability to switch between WordPress accounts with a single click. You might want to test issues associated with different level users. The plugin is very easy to use, even if you’re not an experienced programmer. It can save you a lot of time.

There are endless plugins on the WordPress repository. New ones are constantly being added. Because your exact programming needs are unique, there’s no guarantee that a plugin that works well for someone else will be useful for you. You have to make your own decisions.

However, there are a few very popular plugins that most developers agree are helpful. If you don’t want to try the exact plugins listed in this guide, you should look at similar ones. These tools are intended to make your job easier. It makes sense to take advantage of them.

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