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Data recovery is a necessary tool for tech enthusiasts and the general public alike. The primary purpose of data recovery is to identify, extract and copy files from a storage device. This comes in handy if you have saved useful data on a hard disk, PC, and laptop as it can recover all of that data that might have been deemed unusable otherwise. If you are looking for capable and trustworthy free data recovery software, then you have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out why the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard should be your top choice!

  1. Accessibility And Ease of Use

All versions of EaseUS software are available for both Mac and Windows and have an extremely user-friendly interface that has earned it significant popularity among businesses, firms and beginners alike. It comprises simple and easy to follow instructions that allow for more productivity and saves time.

  1. Packages and Pricing Plans

EaseUS offers two main types of data recovery software, i.e. Professional and Technician. With the professional plan, you can correct all sorts of data recovery issues. However, you will have to register on a single computer with a single user license, and the total cost will amount to about $90. On the other hand, you can opt for the technician plan, wherein you will have access to the license on unlimited computers for a total fee of $299. Both plans are well suited to service providers, firms and novice users alike.

  1. Salient Features

As aforementioned, EaseUS is easy to understand and use for IT professionals and beginners alike. This means that it is especially ideal for business setups. With the Technician plan, EaseUS offer remote location access so that firms can access and retrieve data from a faraway location from the comfort of their office network.

Also, if the computer or storage device has wholly crashed and cannot be detected by other networks, EaseUS can launch recovery options from bootable media to gain access. Upon launching, the software gets to work immediately and scans the entire device for recoverable data. There is a preview option that allows you to see correctly which files have been retrieved which allows you to filter out the extra data and use the export option to save the remaining files on your drive.

  1. Customer Service

EaseUS offers stellar customer support, and as an EaseUS user, you can get in touch with customer service representatives through phone, email as well as live chat. Also, you get a multitude of user guides on the software and website. Moreover, you can get in touch with software developers themselves and stay updated on the latest technology and trends in recovery software.


If you are a part of a firm or a layman, EaseUS has all the right tools to help you get the best out of your data recovery needs with the clicks of only a few buttons!

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