Robotix Introduces Next Innovative Screen-Free Coding & Robotics Toy: Robobricks

Last fall, we covered Playbits, a screen-free coding toy by Robotix that teaches kids S.T.E.M. skills by using their imagination.

Since Robotix is on a mission to equip kids with critical skills for a technology-centric future, it’s no surprise that they are now introducing a new innovative toy that we are excited to share with our audiences. The toy is called Robobricks and it teaches coding and robotics through building blocks.

Robobricks is aimed at kids 4+ and it allows them to make an infinite number of interactive models, or “robots”, that they can bring to life. Robobricks comes with their own building blocks, including a brain block, sensors, motors, wheels, sound and light blocks, but what makes this even better is its compatibility with familiar building block toys such as: Duplo®, Mega Construx®, Morphun®, and Lego® bricks. This allows kids to truly build an unlimited number of creations and explore magical, whimsical, imaginary worlds that seamlessly blend with real life, learning and digital experiences. And, if they ever run out of blocks, it just takes a quick trip to the store to grab some more.

So, what exactly is a tangible screen-free coding platform? Well, if you’re familiar with Robotix previously toy, Playbits, you’ll recognize the wand, tray and coding chips. Robobricks utilizes the same type of coding platform to power creations. Once the creation is put together, kids can use the wand, tray and chips to code the movements. The stored program is then transmitted wirelessly from the wand to the brain block to bring it to life.

Robotix describes this type of a play as “fluid play.” Kids aren’t locked into building any one creation, so they are open to use their imagination as they please.

The campaign is live today and you can pre-order Robobricks starting at just $39. But grab it quickly, because this is just an early-bird price for a limited number of backers. You can expect to get yours by this July.

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