Google Chrome Version 73 Rolled Out

There has been an update about the new version fo Google Chrome for a few months. Al last Google released it and of course with a lot of new features that we have not been thinking of. This version is Chrome 73. In this new version, Google included a dark option finally. Facebook is working on a similar feature and may bring that soon too. This feature has been on YouTube for a few weeks.

The material design which was a brainchild of Android itself preferred making apps light and minimalistic. But all the developers put a lot of light colors on that which takes out battery fuel where on the other side dark mode takes battery fuel slowly thus making the whole thing power optimized, that’s why at late, Google has out the thing onboard and is preferring making the apps more power efficient. Apart from this, the new update took many things onboard and we are discussing those herein below-

The new update can bring the data saver support which has been on the app already but in a new improved version for the SSL included pages. Apart from this, the new spell check technology has been improved to provide enhanced typing experience along with the new safe browsing support. With an exciting announcement, Google has said that this version would be available on every device like Android and iOS both and even for Windows PCs as well. The update has been rolled out for every device. Moreover, new testing is going on for cross-platform file sharing and it also may come as an update later on anytime.

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