Huawei P30 Pro Zoom Camera Samples Out

Huawei’s new upcoming device P30 has been a sensation for all the fans as we got a teaser of its new super zoom lens. Huawei P30 is capable of taking remarkable images even in low light, an image of a full moon during Chinese new year was out where it was clearly seen that the image was taken by the P30 device and the image was enough to lure the fans around.

Since then the hype about this device has been getting high and now it’s time to reveal some more camera samples which really help you detecting every small development done on the camera section by the developers.

Two types of leaks were out in the web circle. The first one is during a live event at night where colorful lights were set around and the second one taken during daylight environment.

Both the samples look really outstanding though we got really astounded when we see the zoom of the daylight images, it was taken during a wedding event. Ring of the bride can be seen clearly when the image was zoomed.

The device has been in the center of attraction due to its outstanding zoom quality that suppresses all the previous experiences. Even the images were taken at low light environment also come out very lucratively. Have a look at the images and see what we have been talking about since then.

Let us know your experience with this device? Will it be able to beat Google Pixel devices? Let it be released once, we will do a proper overall review of this unit for sure, till then, stay glued.

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