POCO F1 Lite Specs Leaked

POCO series of Xiaomi has been very popular due to its massive processor and RAM under 20k range in India. A very few devices in this range can provide an enormous performance like POCO F1 but on pricing, POCO F1 is still unbeaten. After a successful show with POCO F1, Xiaomi is planning to introduce its Lite version which is dubbed as POCO F1 Lite. The Lite versions are generally powered by a downgraded processor and RAM while having the design and other things intact and look somewhat like the original one.

POCO F1 Lite is going to have Snapdragon 660 at its core and 3 GB RAM will be coupled with it in order to extract the best performance. A leak suggests that the processor will clock at 1.61 GHz and that’s too low if we compare it to the recent release Redmi Note 7 pro that has the same processor but the clock speed is 1.8 GHz, Xiaomi may tune the clock speed before release. All these data are taken from the benchmarking site. Hopefully, it’s not the final one that will be introduced in the market.

The probable price of this device may be around Rs. 10000 in India, but higher RAM and flash storage variants may be a slightly higher rate. Though Xiaomi has not released anything official yet as we see the market trend and its recent trend of device release pattern, we can predict that this device will hit the Chinese market within 2 months and in India, maybe a month later!

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